Ayurvedic treatment found beneficial for kidney disease

According to latest news, Ayurvedic line of treatment can be beneficial for patients suffering from chronic kidney disease.

The latest news is that ayurvedic drug made of ‘Punarnava’ plant and other well-known kidney protective herbs in ayurvedic formulations have shown positive results in preventing and reducing high levels of serum creatinine, the kidney function parameters.

The Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study 2015 had revealed chronic kidney disease as the eight leading cause of death.

As per research paper published in The Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, the Neeri KFT, which is a blend of punarnava plant, lotus leaves, patharchur and other major herbs has proved to be life-saving drug for those kidney patients who are under regular dialysis. The drug has helped in maintaining histological parameter of kidneys, apart from reducing high levels of uric acid and electrolytes.

As we known, out body is made of two-thirds water, and it is the job of kidneys to maintain hydration level, flush out toxins by filtering blood, and in producing three hormones. These help in keeping blood pressure in check, stimulates red blood cells and helps in maintaining strong bones. A combination of diet, herbs and good lifestyle habits like Yoga can help in keeping your kidneys healthy.

Follow these health tips from Ayurveda, and keep your kidneys healthy:

• Keep yourself hydrated

Drink at least ten glasses of water a day, so that your urine does not become concentrated, which can harm your kidneys. The kidneys detoxify the body by filtering the blood and secreting wastes through urine.

• Diet regimen

Although kidneys do their job of excreting wastes, they cannot always eliminate all toxins. So it is essential that you supplement your diet with calcium-rich ragi, eat plenty of fruits and include lemon in your diet. This is because protein-rich diet is acidic. So to maintain the pH balance of your body, the kidneys use calcium from your bones. Go for a low-protein diet and take care of your blood sugar and insulin levels. Do not take anything that leads to high blood pressure. For instance, a diet rich in sodium is not advisable, if you want to keep your kidneys healthy.

Drinking fresh lime juice early in the morning on empty stomach is considered good. Apple, Orange, Sweetlime, carrot, grape, beetroot, wheatgrass and parsley are considered healthy options. Parsley, being a natural diuretic is effective when taken in the form of tea.

Kidney beans, garlic, turmeric, watermelon, pomegranates and papaya are other good options. Cranberries are a popular remedy for kidney problems.

Ensure that you avoid coffee, tea, alcohol, and tobacco, as they are flushed out by the kidneys exposing them to high level of acid.

• Herbs

Gokshura, an ayurvedic herbal preparation is prescribed for frequent kidney infections and problems caused by kidney stones. ‘Chandraprabhavati’ is also prescribed for those with recurrent kidney problems.

‘Horsetail’, the weed, has powerful diuretic properties, which can increase urine output and help flush the urinary tract and kidneys. It also has strong antioxidants that offer numerous benefits to kidneys and renal system. This herb can be taken as a capsule supplement or as tea. It is good to include it in your daily diet.

‘Dandelion’ can be consumed in the form of tea. It is very effective in keeping kidneys and the liver healthy. Being a diuretic, dandelion is an excellent kidney detox. The herb is also a rich source of nutrients as it contains iron, zinc, potassium, B complex vitamins and more. The roots are also effective in dissolving kidney stones.

• Lifestyle changes

Ayurveda suggests that one should not suppress nature’s call. One should not control their urge to urinate as this can lead to urinary calculi, and other bladder and urinary infections later.

Minimize use of pain killers and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, as they can damage your kidneys in the long run, with regular use. ‘Turmeric’ is considered to be a natural, effective pain reliever.

Certain yogic postures like ‘janu shirshasana’, can help in keeping your kidneys healthy, as the squeezing and soaking action will wring out the kidneys, getting rid of all stale, toxic blood, and a fresh supply of oxygenated blood fills the area. ‘Kapalabhati’ breathing which involves forces exhales and passive inhales is also highly recommended.

Finally, keep your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels within normal range. Quit smoking, and ensure that you maintain a healthy weight, as being overweight can make your kidneys work harder.

Glowing health, courage, enthusiasm, self-esteem and vitality are all hallmarks of strong kidneys and a balanced navel chakra.

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